If you have not already created the web site user accounts by running the "Add users to NetCommunity" utility:
  1. Click Add users to NetCommunity in the NetCommunity plugin for The Education Edge.  The NetCommunity Users window opens.
  2. Click Options.  The NetCommunity Options window opens.
  3. Mark the checkboxes that correspond to the records that you would like to use to create the new user accounts. 
    1. For more information about these selections, see the Online Campus Community & The Education Edge Integration Guide.
  4. For each group that you select, select the email type from The Education Edge to use for NetCommunity mailings.
    1. PLEASE NOTE: If you leave this field blank, or if a selected record does not have a valid email address of the same email type, the user account will be created without any associated email address for that user account in NetCommunity
  5. In the field labeled "Use __________ as the template to send a welcome email to new users", select the email Template to use for the welcome email.
    1. This Template must already be saved in NetCommunity, and should have a data source of "Registered Users" in order to be available for selection.   For more information, see How to include the username/password for a NetCommunity account in an email Message.
  6. Click OK.  The NetCommunity Options window closes and returns you to the NetCommunity Users window.
The next time that you run the "Add users to NetCommunity" utility, an email will be sent from the designated Template to each new user account that it creates.