1.  In Payroll run an adjusted gross wage report:  Reports > Transaction Reports > New > Adjusted Gross Wage Report.
- Set the Date range of calculations from the beginning of the fiscal year to the end date just before the additional withholding appears on the employees calculation.
 - Filter for the specified employee(s).
- Preview the report and note the total adjusted gross wages for the "Medicare" column.
2.  Open the employees calculation where the Additional Medicare Tax first appears:
- Records > Employees > Open > Activity Tab > Open calculation > select Taxes.
- Note the amount of the adjusted gross wage subject to Additional Medicare Tax.
3.  Add the amount from step 1 and step 2, then subtract from 200,000.  This is the amount of adjusted gross wages subject to Additional Medicate Tax on that payroll.  Multiply this amount by .009 and you will end up with the exact amount withheld  for the Additional Medicare for that specific period end date.  Each subsequent payroll the full adjusted gross wages would be subject to the tax.