Note: The information contained in this article no longer applies to Essentials based templates in Friends Asking Friends.  Facebook made a change shortly after this feature was implemented that no longer supported feeds displaying on the home page of the FAF events.  Because of this change, the Facebook AppID field does not function as originally intended and is scheduled to be removed from the Website Features section of the event.  Users still have the ability to write comments on the FAF event and can choose to post those comments to their own Facebook page, but there is no interaction with the organization's Facebook page any longer.  We are looking at implementing a Feed feature for Facebook down the road through another method, but for now the following steps will not yield what it was originally intended for because of Facebook's change.  If a solution is found for this down the road this Knowledge Base solution will be updated, so feel free to Subscribe to this article to receive updates of any changes made in the future.

1. Login to
3. Enter a name for your app
4. Select Continue
5. Enter Captcha information
6. Select Continue
7. Copy the App ID
8. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kinterathon
9. Hover over the name of your event and choose Website Features
10. Scroll down to the Event Social Media section
11. Paste the ID in the Facebook AppID box
12. Copy the URL to your Facebook page (ex.
13. Paste the URL in the Link to profile or page box
14. Select Save
15. Return to the Webinfo Checklist
16. Select Update Your Event Now