Membership installment schedule description changes when an installment is partially paid

When a lifetime membership program is configured, users may choose whether dues are to be paid in one lump sum, or at regular installment intervals over a specific period of time.  The membership page for each member constituent includes a summary of the scheduled installments' amount and frequency.  For example, if the member is configured to pay $400.00 in 4 installments over the course of the year, the summary will indicate that that constituent pays $100.00 on a quarterly basis.  However, if an installment is partially paid off, the payment schedule will change to indicate that the member pays the amount of the installment balance on a quarterly basis for the rest of the year, which is incorrect.  If a member pays $25.00 on the membership, the schedule will indicate that the member pays $75.00 quarterly for the membership, when the installment balance should be $75.00, but the regular quarterly amount should still be $100.00.

Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 



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