This error usually appears after some major change or migration where RE was uninstalled or never has been installed on the RE7 WS Server.

REWS = Raiser's Edge Web Server

Please try all of the following steps in order, until the error is resolved. 
  1. Navigate to the URL associated with the REWS on an outside network, for example, from a data connection on a mobile device.
    • If the page successfully loads over https, you may move on to the steps below. 
    • If the page does not load successfully, this indicates the server itself cannot make a connection.
      1. Confirm the REWS URL has an SSL certificate
      2. Confirm Port 443 is open
  2. Verify that the Raiser's Edge Web Services server is on and running smoothly.
  3. Try to log into the Raisers Edge client directly on the RE7 WS server.
  4. If the Raiser's Edge has been removed or has not yet been installed on the RE7 WS server, installing RE should resolve this issue.
  5. Perform a modify/repair of the BBNC components on the REWS
  6. Uninstall and Reinstall the REWS