If you want to email NetClassroom usernames and passwords to students, use a Student export.
If you want to email usernames and passwords to student relationships, use an Individual export.

1. Log into The Education Edge/Blackbaud Student Information System as Supervisor.
Note: You must be logged in as a user with Supervisor rights in order to successfully export NetClassroom passwords.
2. Create a new Student or Individual Export.
3. Filter the export on the students or individuals that you want to send emails to via NetMail.
4. On the Output tab,under Student (for a student export) or Individual (for an individual export), select Online user ID and Online Password.
5. Add any additional fields that you want to insert into your NetMail on the Output tab.
6. Save and close the export.
7. In NetSolutions, select NetMail, New email.
8. In the Select export field, click on the binoculars to search for the export you created in step 2.
Note: Be sure to select the correct record type in the Export type filter.
9. In the Name field, enter a name for the email. The recipients do not see this name.
10. In the From field, enter your email address.
11. In the Subject field, enter the Subject. Recipients will see the email Subject.
12. In the Email type field, select the email type to use when sending the email message.
13. To create a query of records the email is sent to, mark the Create static query when submitted option.
14. Compose your email in the text box on the right.
15. To insert fields from your export, place your cursor where you want to add the field:
    a. In the left pane, click on the plus sign to the left of the field category.
    b. Double-click a field to insert it into the message body.
16. Click Save and Close to save the email and send it later. To send the email now, click on the Send icon.
17. Click Submit to send the email.

If you track parent email addresses on student records, you can email parents using a Student export. Just be sure to select the appropriate parent email address type when selecting the Email type in step 12. See How to export relations' NetClassroom user IDs and password for more information.

For more information on using NetMail, see How to email applicants, students, faculty/staff, and individuals in The Education Edge or Blackbaud Student Information System.