1. Sign into the server or workstation with administrator rights.
  2. Start Financial Edge and login with supervisor rights.
  3. Navigate to the Payroll 7 main page.
  4. Click on Configuration.
  5. From the Configuration page, click Taxes.
  6. From the menu bar under Configuration>Taxes, click Download Tax Tables.
  7. Your default internet browser will start and navigate to the main Download page. Note: If you do not have your blackbaud.com website login password saved, it will prompt you to login first.
  8. Navigate to The Financial Edge 2013 Tax Tables page
  9. Click the executable link and then click Save' on the File Download screen to save the executable to the machine (server or workstation) that will be used to update the tax tables.
  10. Extract it to the SysDB folder under your Program Files\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge folder.
  11. On the Configuration>Taxes pages, in Federal Taxes, add a new tax table.
    • If you have already created your 2013 Federal Tax Table, open the tax table and skip to step 13
  12. Make the “Effective as of” date 1/1/2013
  13. From the menu, click Federal, then Restore Defaults. Restore Defaults for tax year 2013.
  14. Fill in the missing items
  15. Verify the tax table numbers against the officially published tables.
  16. Save and close the table.