To add a new Gift Aid Declaration to an individual constituent record,  follow these steps:
  • Open the constituent record and click on the Declaration Information button at the bottom right of the Bio 1 tab.
  • Click on "New Declaration" located at the top of the window. You will then be presented with secondary window.
  • For the frame named "Declaration":
    • Enter the "Made" date as the date the constituent made the declaration to your organisation.
    • Enter the "Starts" date for the declaration.  This depends on the wording of the declaration that has been signed.  It may be that you can claim tax from the date the declaration was signed, or it may be that you can claim on historical gifts up to a maximum of 4 years in the past..
       The time limit of 4 years for retrospective declarations is defined by HMRC.
    • Enter the "End" date if applicable.
      • You can leave the "End" field blank if there is no end date from the constituent.
      • If the constituent in question has multiple declarations, the declaration dates cannot overlap.
    • The "Indicator" select how the declaration is made. For example, Oral or Written.
  • Information in the "Confirmation" fields is only used when the declaration is Oral, to advise that there has been written confirmation of the declaration sent to the constituent.
    • Enter the "Sent" date for the date that this letter confirming the oral declaration is sent to the constituent.
    • Enter the "Returned" date only if the constituent replies to your letter and cancels the oral declaration.
  • For the frame named "Status":
    • Enter whether or not the constituent pays tax in the "Pay Tax" field.
    • Enter in the "Status" field as the constituents current employment status (e.g. Employed)  [optional]
    • Enter in the "Comments" box any notes you need to record about the declaration. [optional]
When the declaration fields have been populated click Save and Close at the top right of the Declaration screen and then click Close on the Declaration Information screen to return to the Bio 1 of the constituent.

Note: If you also have a gift from the constituent then click Save on the Bio 1 screen toolbar to write these updates back to the Raiser's Edge database before moving to the Gift tab to add the gift.

To add a declaration to a constituent in a Gift Batch:

See How to add a constituent or update constituent information in a gift batch for more information
  • Declaration fields can be included via the Define Fields option in the  Biographical, Tax Declarations section of the Available Fields List.
  • If, when adding a gift, the constituent window shows that a declaration already exists, it is advisable that the "To open the constituent record to edit it" steps in the above link are followed.  This allows existing declarations to be checked prior to adding a new declaration. The new declaration should then be added via the Declaration Information button on the constituent's Bio 1 screen.

To add declarations to constituents using Import:

See How to import declarations

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