The Gift Aid Report details the amount reclaimable by tax on Gift Aid eligible gifts made by constituents with a valid declaration in the Raiser's Edge. 

A Gift Aid Report is ran from the Reports module in the Raiser's Edge, then by clicking Gift Aid Reports. 
The results returned are determined by criteria set by the user when creating a new Gift Aid Report. This criteria can include:

  • Date gifts were made
  • What campaigns, funds, appeals and constituent codes the gifts apply to
  • Constituent and gift attributes
  • Whether the report is for tax claims, tax refunds or both

The amount reclaimable is determined by the tax rate configured in the Raiser's Edge - BB343065
Gift Aid Disqualification Rules can also be set in the Business Rules to disqualify constituents from receiving Gift Aid, these specific to the user's needs - BB262376

The report layout can be configured to the user's preference and it can be previewed before it is printed to check for errors.

Once the user has configured the report it can be saved to run again at a later date.

When closing the Gift Aid Report, the user will be prompted to automatically update the claim number on the gifts in the report. Please note that if the user chooses to do this, a second Gift Aid Report can not be run for these gifts.
To run a similar report on such gifts, run a Rerun Tax Claims Report - BB110546