1. Log into the Raiser's Edge. 
2. On the Raiser’s Edge bar, click Web Services. The Web Services page appears.
3. Under Available Services, click Mobile Service for The Raiser’s Edge. The Mobile Service for The Raiser’s Edge moves from Available Services to Installed Services.
4. Click Generate Key to launch the Mobile Service Setup Wizard.
5. Enter your site ID and email address associated with the Site Administrator for your organization, and then click Finish.

After you install the Mobile Service for The Raiser’s Edge, you can email the system key to your users so they can log in to The Raiser’s Edge mobile application on their mobile devices.  NOTE: Each Raiser's Edge database can have only ONE usable System Key at a time, and that one System Key applies to all mobile app users that need to connect to that database.
Note : If you do not want to use the email feature in Web Services to distribute the system key, under Database, you can click Copy to clipboard so that you can paste the key into your distribution message to users.
For additional instructions on installing the mobile app for The Raiser's Edge, please reference How to install and configure the mobile app for The Raiser's Edge, or visit The Raiser's Edge Mobile Application Guide.