Verify the Primary site URL:
  1. Login to BBNC as a supervisor
  2. Click Administration Sites & settings
  3. Select the site in the left pane
  4. View the Primary site URL:
The plugin service URL will request the Primary site URL from BBNC.  Once the URL is retrieved the system will ping that address to make sure that the site is up.  The Primary site URLs should not be redirected or have any SSL warnings when they are browsed. This includes redirects through the Campus Redirector part. The Primary site URL should be the top level directory of the BBNC website.

For on-premise or self-hosted sites only:
Verify the plugin service URL:
  1. The plugin service URL should return the MasterService end points page without a redirect or SSL warning.
    Example: http://machinename/pluginservice/masterservice.asmx
This URL will ask BBNC for the Primary site URL stored in Sites & settings.  The site selected from the dropdown box in Options will be the site used in BBNC.  This error will prevent you from seeing the selected site, if there is multisite in place we will want to check all sites in the steps below.

For Blackbaud Fully-Hosted sites only:
  1. Browse to the site hosting alias
  2. URL should return the MasterService end points page without a redirect or SSL warning.  If the URL redirects to the main site URL we will need this removed to resolve the error.  The cname must return the main BBNC page without any redirects.
  3. If you started encountering this error after being upgraded to 7.1 Service Pack 2 (, please chat with support and reference this article.
For Split-Hosted or On Premise sites only:
  • Confirm the Raiser's Edge Web Server is on the same version as the Website. How do I check the version of NetCommunity. If the Raiser's Edge is not on the latest version, update the service.  
  • If this happens after an upgrade on the REWS (Raiser's Edge Web Service) server, then verify which installation files where run on the REWS.  Only the bbinstallerXXX.exe and bbinstallerXXXpatchX.exe are supposed to be installed on the REWS.  This error will occur if the pluginXXXpatchX.exe is installed on the REWS.  If the pluginXXXpatchX.exe has been installed on the REWS, then uninstall the Blackbaud software from the REWS and reinstall the bbinstallerXXX.exe and bbinstallerXXXpatchX.exe only.
How to perform an Uninstall/Reinstall on the NetCommunity (REWS) server.
  1. Open the Raiser's Edge Web Service web.config file and locate the RE7ServiceUsers credentials. 
    1. Normally the file can be found at: C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\Raisers Edge WebService\web.config 
  2. Search for ‘RE7ServiceUsers’.  Make note of the username\password next to the word ‘value=’.    
    1. Example: <add key="RE7ServiceUsers" value="username\password" />.
    2. You will need these for the re-install. 
    3. If the credentials are not entered exactly, the connection to the web components won't be successful.
  3. Uninstall The Raiser’s Edge client from the NetCommunity Webserver (REWS) (also uninstall the Education Edge if it is installed)
  4. Uninstall NetCommunity from the Webserver (REWS) - This will simply be listed as Blackbaud under Programs and Features
  5. Restart the machine
  6. Install The Raiser’s Edge client onto the Webserver (REWS) via The Raiser’s Edge application server's deploy kit (also install the Education Edge if applicable)
  7. Run the NetCommunity installer [bbinstallerXXX.exe] on the Webserver (REWS) to install the RE7Service and The The Raiser's Edge Plugin (and Education Edge Plugin if applicable)
  • This error can also be caused if TLS 1.0 is disabled on either the BBNC web server or the REWS.  Make sure you are running the latest version of the Blackbaud NetCommunity, and the lastest version of the software on your Raiser's Edge Web Services Server (REWS).