Do not take any action to correct, the IRS will adjust this at the end of the year


If Social Security is off by a specific percentage:
For salary employees receiving the same gross subject to Social Security
1. Payroll, Configuration, Taxes
2. Open the current effective tax, Social Security tab
3. Increase the rate to 8.2%, if 4.2% was used in the previous calculation
* If a different rate was used then enter the correct rate to withhold the difference from the last period

For hourly employees receiving a different hourly gross, the rate must calculated manually:

If 100 dollars was withheld in the first period, but 200 should have been withheld
The current amount to be withheld is 286.15, so a total of 386.15 must be withheld for the current period
To do this without adding a deduction:

Wages subject to SS are 4615.38

1. Go to Configuration, Taxes, Social Security Tab, Update the rate to 8.36%
2. Calculate Payroll for the employee
3. Repeat for each employee
4. Change the rate back to 6.2 when this has been completed


If Social Security is off by a specific amount.
1. Create a new after tax deduction, set the tax settings the default settings to Do not reduce
2. Set the schedule to only "Deduct in periods with specific end dates"
3. Use the group assignment to assign to all employees necessary
4. Calculate the amount social security was off
5. Enter this amount on the assignment grid
6. Calculate Payroll
7. Add historic entries and follow the W-2 wizard to the adjust the amounts withheld