Once the Image has been uploaded to the CMS Image Library:
  1. Navigate to Content > Content Management System
  2. Hover over the site name and click Manage Website
  3. Make sure you are on the Home tab then select the Home sub-tab
  4. In the section labeled Files (with the Red File Cabinet Icon) click "View Image Library"
  5. Expand the folder you uploaded the file to by clicking the "+" sign
  6. Hover over the name of the file and click Edit
  7. Make sure you are on the General tab and scroll to the bottom
  8. Copy the image link and close the window
  9. Add or Update the old image link in the Content editor

*If the image uploaded is larger than desired, In the Content Editor, modify the image attributes to include "height" and "width" size attributes like the example given below:

<img alt="logo" src="http://www.YourSiteName.net/xxx/xx/{AC390AC0-3AC6-43DF-93DB-481FC8C77DDD}/BANNER-LOGO.JPG" height="133" width="750"/>