Credits awarded and attempted are incorrect when awarded and attempted in different marking columns

When credits are awarded and attempted in different marking columns, the credits are incorrect.  
 Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 

Note: We will no longer be releasing patches for version 7.82.  If you are currently on version 7.82, patch 38, you will first need to update to version 7.84 then apply patch 2. 

Please be aware that this issue affected grades for courses that were set up to award credits in a different marking column than which they were attempted.  If your courses are set up to attempt and award in the same marking column, you were not affected by this issue.  

This issue also only affected grades or GPAs added or edited while on 7.82, patch 38 or 7.84, patch 1.  These two patches served as the End of Year patch for the respective versions.  On-premise clients had the option to stay on 7.82 and apply patch 38 or update to 7.84 and apply patch 1.  All hosted clients were updated to 7.84, patch 1.  To simplify this solution, the affected patches will be referred to as Patch 38/Patch 1.  

If your data is hosted by Blackbaud, you were updated to 7.84, patch 1 on January 6th.  7.84, patch 2, which corrects the issue, was applied January 16th.
If your data if not hosted by Blackbaud, Patch 38/Patch 1 were available for download on December 20th.  7.84, patch 2 was released January 16th.  Please check with your IT staff if you are unsure if or when your organization updated to Patch 38/Patch 1 or 7.84, patch 2. 

For those who may have been affected by the issue, please review these important notes: 
  • If grades were added or edited while on Patch 38/Patch 1, the corresponding attempted and awarded credits may have calculated incorrectly.  Updating to 7.84, patch 2 will automatically recalculate these credits so that they match what is defined in the course grading information.  No further action will need to be taken on your part to correct these credits after updating to patch 2. 
  • If any grade reports, report cards or transcripts were printed or published while on Patch 38/Patch 1, it's possible that the attempted and awarded listed were incorrect.  Please double check these documents to ensure accuracy.  Any document printed or published after updating to 7.84, patch 2 will show the correct credits. 
  • If any GPAs were calculated while on Patch 38/Patch 1 and that calculation included attempted or awarded credits as a factor, the calculations will need to be rerun after updating to 7.84, patch 2.  
    • If you are unsure if any GPAs were calculating during this time, you can use a Student query to check:
      1. Create a new Student query.
      2. On the Criteria tab, expand Grades, GPA, GPA properties and select Date last changed. 
      3. Choose between as the Operator.  For Value 1, enter the date on which you updated to Patch 38/Patch 1.  For Value 2, enter the date in which you updated to patch 2. 
        Note: Refer to dates listed above if you are unsure when your organization updated. 
      4. If only certain GPA calculations include attempted or awarded credits, select GPA calculation under Grades, GPA.  Select one of for the Operator and select the appropriate GPA calculations. 
      5. Add any additional fields you may need on the Output tab, such as Student name, GPA academic year, or GPA marking column. 
      6. Run the query.
    • If this query returns results, these GPAs were likely calculated while you were on Patch 38/Patch 1.  These calculations will need to be recalculated to ensure accuracy.  To rerun GPA calculations for this group of students only, save the query and use it in the Students filter of the calculation parameter.  To ensure the newly calculated GPA overwrites the previously calculated GPA, verify your GPA settings before rerunning the calculations


 7.84.52, patch 1 ; 7.82.104, patch 38
 7.84.52, patch 2

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