Remove any commas or apostrophes in the failed process.
  1. Select Payroll > W-2 Processing > Define Federal Parameter.
  2. Select C to Change.
  3. At enter field to be changed, type in 1 and enter.
  4. Remove the comma or apostrophe from the organization name so that it has no commas or apostrophes.
  5. Enter through the rest of the fields in Field 1.
  6. At enter field to be changed (0 to accept), type 0 and hit enter.
  7. Close out of FundWare.
  8. In the FundWare\Data folder, delete the PPW2DIS.L## file. 
  9. Log back into FundWare and produce the W-2 again.
  10. Go to Payroll > W-2 Processing > View/Print W-2s.  The forms should open successfully this time in a PDF Viewer.