1. Install the Blackbaud Links plug-in for Raiser’s Edge. Blackbaud Links plug-in can be installed on the workstations of other users, depending on which users should have access to it.
  2. See https://developer.justgiving.com/ for more information on the integration between Raiser’s Edge and Just Giving.
  3. Then click on https://developer.justgiving.com/signup to sign up for an Application ID that is required by the integration.
  4. When complete login to Blackbaud Links plug-in, using your Just Giving user name and password.
  5. If logging in for the first time, we suggest that you watch the Just Giving Integration video available on the Blackbaud Links plug-in page.
  6. Click on ‘Set-up how the integration works in Settings’ link to set up Blackbaud Links. For instructions, review the Blackbaud Links Help Guide.  
  7. When the setup is complete click Save.

    You will be returned to the Blackbaud Links login screen and the settings will be applied the next time to login.