How is the mobile opt-in function used in Blackbaud Mobile (UK)

How do users sign up for Blackbaud Mobile alerts.
In Blackbaud Mobile, when publishing a campaign by selecting the relevant campaign on the Dashboard and then click Publish on the toolbar, you access the Promotion Tools.
Under the Mobile section of the Promotion Tools you can choose Preview App then click next on the screen that pops up to see the Mobile Opt-In App screen.
This can also be seen via the Publish Your App button in Promotion Tools, then select Mobile Entry.
When the Mobile Opt-In App is published on your web site, for example, then visitors can choose to sign up for alerts.  Their sign up details – name and mobile number – are added to the recipient list that is associated with the Blackbaud Mobile campaign that you published.
This recipient list can then be used when creating new Blackbaud Mobile campaign.
For example, a charity works with people who suffer from hay fever and publish the Mobile Opt-In App on their web site for visitors to sign up for alerts when the pollen count is high.
The recipient list can then be used to send text messages to hay fever sufferers who have opted in and, as more visitors to your web site sign up for alerts, so the number receiving the text message will increase.

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