Via the Transaction Details report, you can download a list of sustaining donors whose credit cards will be expiring in the near future.  Follow the steps below to accomplish this:
  1. Data Management>Reports
  2. Click Report Writer
  3. Click Create a new Report Writer
  4. Select the application: Transactions
  5. Choose Transaction Details followed by Next
  6. Choose the appropriate columns including Card Expiration Date in the Valued Transaction section followed by Next to save your selections
  7. Skip to section 5, Configure Filters
  8. First, click on the trash bin icon to the right of the default two filters as you will not be needing them
  9. Next, click Create a filter
  10. From the top drop down window, select Sustained Giving Information
  11. From the bottom drop down window select Card Expiration Date
  12. Change the report filter, "Is" to "In Custom Range" and select a date range
  13. Mark the "Edit at run-time" box and click "Add this filter" followed by Next
  14. Enter a report label followed by Next
  15. Click Save Report
  16. From the list of reports, locate the report you just created and click Run Report 
  17. No other selections are necessary, so skip to section E, "Review Criteria Summary"
  18. Click Run Report
  19. Your report should be listed at the top of the list.  If you do not see View or Download as an option, click on the green "Refresh this page" button until you do