1. For individuals, create a custom addressee/salutation and add it to inactive records:
    1. Add an addressee/salutation with a field containing text to indicate the constituent is inactive (e.g. "Inactive" or "I").
      Note: To add custom text, enter it in the Field Name column, press Tab, and click OK to confirm you want to add the field.
    2. Add an entry to the Add/Sal Types table to indicate the addressee/salutation is for inactive constituents (e.g. "Inactive").
    3. Add the new addressee/salutation and type manually or globally to your inactive constituent records.
      Note: If you globally add the addressee/salutation and type, use a constituent query with the criterion Constituent Information, Inactive? = Yes.
  2. For organizations, update the constituent IDs:
    1. Create a constituent query with the criteria:
      Constituent Information, Key Indicator = Organization
      AND Constituent Information, Inactive? = Yes
    2. Edit the IDs of the constituents in the query to indicate they are inactive. For example, you could append an "I" to the existing IDs.
      • If there are only a few constituents in the query, update the IDs manually.
      • If there is a large number of constituents in the query, update the IDs using Import.
  3. Format how names show on the report:
    • For individuals, select:
      • From Individual
      • Use this address/salutation if present on the Individual: Select the type you created for inactive constituents.
      • Otherwise use: Select the format to display for active constituents.
    • For organizations, mark the "Include Constituent ID" checkbox.