1. Log into NetCommunity as a user with the proper rights.
  2. In the blue bar click Create in the top left
  3. Click New Page
  4. In 'Page Name' enter the name of the page you want.
    Note: Do Not put the character '&' in the page name or it can cause errors.
    Also note that once you have entered the page name and either press tab or try to select the template, it will automatically create the 'Page URL' for you. If you want the Page URL to be different than the Internal Page Name you can change it by clicking your mouse in the *Blue* Page URL box and typing whatever friendly URL extension you would like.
  5. Select the Template you want your page based off of.
    If you want to use the same template another one of your pages uses, you can find out what that template is by going to the page, editing it, and clicking the green "Page Properties" button in the top left.
  6. Click Next