Entering Recurring Gifts with Batch Tool

How do you enter Recurring Gift with the Batch Tool in Luminate CRM.

If you are creating a new Pledge or Recurring Gift:
  1. Create the Batch and be sure to check "Include New Pledges and Recurring Gifts."
  2. Click Save Batch Layout.
  3. Click Enter Gifts.
  4. When entering a Pledge or Recurring Gift, choose "New Pledge" or "New Recurring" from the Gift Type drop-down.
  5. Fill out the Details for the New Pledge or New Recurring Gift.

If you are just entering installments, it is not necessary to check "Include New Pledges and Recurring Gifts." � Just be sure that the Contact you are entering an Installment for has an existing Recurring Gift or Pledge that has not been cancelled or completed. � Once you are entering gifts, do the following:
  1. Enter the amount of the installment as a Single Donation.
  2. When you have entered all of the gifts for the batch, click Check Entries.
  3. For each entry with a Contact that has an Active Recurring Gift, you should get a notification under the Status column.
  4. Check on the Status Notification for each Contact and it will notify that there are Outstanding payments for the contact and to select which Recurring Gift or Pledge to apply the payment to.
  5. Choose which gift to apply the payment to and click Use Selected Donation.
  6. After associating all Batch installments, click Check Entries again, then once all other notices are cleared, click Commit Batch.

Note: Currently, only one installment may be made to a specific Pledge or Recurring Gift per Batch.


 LCRM 10.9.x

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