Check the URL to see what event ID (it will say ievent=eventid#) is listed. This event ID needs to match the event ID listed in the URL listed in the Webinfo Checklist for the current event.

If this link is a Custom Menu Item:
  1. In Webinfo Checklist go to Website Features
  2. Click Add/Edit/View Custom Menu Items
  3. If any of the links have a different event ID than the current event delete them and readd them with the correct event ID in the URL 
  4. Add Custom Menu Links in the Current window
  5. Add Content Creation items by using the Content Creation link
  6. After making the changes, close this window and click Save at the bottom of Website Features
  7. Go back to the WebInfo Checklist and click Publish This Event Now 

If this link is a Custom Coded link it may be in a number of places. Places to look include Website Design/Front Page Customization, Event Text, Customize Forms > Select Form >  Field Order and Label Text

If you cannot locate the link,

Chat with Support and reference this article. 

Include the Event Name, Event URL and a screenshot with steps to get to the link that is directing to the previous event.