When setting up an initial configuration for processing donations from CRM to Luminate Online you are going to want to do:
  1. Create a very basic donation form with only the default values.
  2. Edit the donation form and make sure that 1: Identify Donation Form -> Step 6: Interaction Mode is set to Offline or Online/Offline
  3. Save that donation form
  4. Go to Data Management -> Import/Export -> Luminate Configuration
  5. Go to 2: Assign Cross References and click "Cross References Button"
  6. Find "Luminate CRM Donation Form" and click Configure
  7. You should see the newly created donation form in the first tab "Items not referenced"
  8. Click "Create"
  9. The first box attaches to the Luminate CRM campaign, identify the correct campaign and scroll down to the next box
  10. Assign a designation (if any) in box 2
  11. Apply a security category, if needed, otherwise leave as "General"
  12. Click Finish.
  13. You have now configured Luminate Online to process Credit Cards entered in CRM.
If transactions are not able to be processed, make sure that the API Administrators group has the Offline Donation API permission set to be Add and Refund Offline Donations via API. Also, it is not possible to edit the Donation iframe in LCRM, so if you have a required field on the donation form (such as phone number), the transaction will not process as you cannot meet the field requirements in LCRM. You will need to remove the field requirements to allow it to process.