The "Download Survey Responses" report only downloads the results of the built in surveys submitted by the constituents taking the alert. If the constituent did not produce any results for the survey questions, they constituent will not appear in this report. The most common causes of the constituent not producing any results for the survey question are:
  • The survey question didn't exist when the constituent took the survey. If you add the survey question(s) after a few constituents already submitted the alert, those constituents cannot show up in the download survey responses report because the survey did not exist when they took the alert.
  • The survey question was not required and the constituent did not participate. If your survey questions are not required, some constituents will not participate in those survey questions. As such they will not show up in this report.
  • There are no survey questions at all. If there are no survey questions, no one can take the survey and there will be no results in this report.

If there is no response from the question, there will be no survey responses to download. To check your survey questions, edit the alert and go to the "Include Questions" step.