Contact Luminate support.  We will have a new Keystore file generated and attached to the case.  Once you have the file from the case, follow these steps:
  1. Save the attached file to the server (computer) hosting the Connector.  
  2. Unzip the file with the root of the C: drive as the destination (C:\). It should ask if you want to overwrite "server.xml"; answer yes.  
  3. Ensure that a new file with the DNS name of the connector and the extension ".ks" was created in the "C:\Convio\" folder.  
  4. If it was not, make sure that the destination to which you've unzipped the contents of the zip file is the root and not a folder with the same name as the zip file. Note that you must not only get the ".ks" file into the appropriate place but also overwrite the existing "server.xml" file.  
  5. Once you've successfully put all of the files in place, go to Start > All Programs > Convio > utilities and choose RestartTomcat.

To test the new setup:
  1. Open a browser and in the address bar put https://localhost:11921. Note the "s" in "https"; that is crucial.
  2. If you see the Apache Page you've succeeded.
  3. Log in to Luminate Online as an admin.
  4. Go to Data Management > Import/Export > Real-time Configuration
  5. Choose step "1. Verify DNS Connection" from the left hand menu.
  6. Enter only the DNS Name of the Connector.
  7. Enable the check box beside "Verify an HTTPS Connection"
  8. Click the green button that says, "Test Connection"