Reports that include s_src and s_subsrc:
  • The Donations By Source Code report is most useful if you want information on how frequently different sources and subsources are being used.
  • The Donations By Transaction report is most useful when you want to view all of the transactions. Each row is a transaction. There is a column for source and a column for subsource.
  • Most ReportWriter reports can depending on how they are configured

Note: For both of these reports, if their is a s_subsrc but no s_src, the column for source will contain the email instead. If there is both a s_src and a s_subsrc the email will not be listed as the s_src will override that.

The Clickthrough Details Report contains the URL the constituent clicked on. This URL contains the s_src and s_subsrc but it isn't in a terribly usable format.

The following reports have no information about s_src or s subsource:
Campaign Response Details Report
Campaign Response Summary Report
Donations By Email Message
Transaction Report
Clickthrough Summary Report
Email Message Response Details
Email Message Response Summary