Once a transaction has been entered in eTapestry, an Administrative user can Reverse a Finalized transaction if necessary. Within eTapestry, Reversing a transaction is the act of creating a separate transaction that cancels out any amounts listed on the original transaction. This process ensures that your accounting totals are balanced. 

Reversing a transaction will always cancel out the full amount of the original transaction, as there is no way to customize the amount of the Reversal. If a partial refund was issued to the donor, a Disbursement will need to be added to their account instead. Please see How to Track a Partial Refund for instructions.

It is important to note that if this was a credit card transaction, reversing the transaction (or adding a Disbursement) will not refund the money to the donor. In order to refund the transaction, you must perform the refund through the Credit Card Processor. For credit card transactions you’ll need to log into your credit card processor’s portal and issue the refund there.  

To find out how to exclude the reversed transactions from your query, please click here.

To reverse the gift:
  1. Open the Constituent Account
  2. Click Journal in the header
  3. Click the gift entry that you want to reverse
  4. Mark the Final box above the date field
  5. Click Save And Edit
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  7. Click Reverse
  8. Enter any notes pertaining to the reversal
  9. Click Reverse
Once you have reversed the transaction in eTapestry, you can use the information below to log into or contact your transaction processor to complete the refund:

BBMS: For steps to complete a refund, click here.

IATS: 1-888-955-5455 (press option #1)

Sage: 877-470-4001