First, you will need to enable this option in your organization's preferences.
1. From Management, My Organization, select Preferences to establish database-wide preferences for your organization.
2. Under Blackbaud Support Access, select Edit Support Access Status to update Support's ability to access your database.
3. Select the Access enabled checkbox to turn on Support access.
4. In the Access Enabled Until field, the date the login expires displays. The date defaults to 7 days after you enable the log in. You can disable the login at any time by clearing the checkbox and saving your changes.
Note: The maximum amount of time that Support access can remain enabled is 30 days.
5. Select Save.
Once Blackbaud Support access is enabled, a Support analyst can create a cloned user to access your database and troubleshoot issues. When Blackbaud Support Access has expired or been disabled, the cloned user will be removed from the database.