Could not download transaction with ID "[Number]". The error was: Unable to save batch row 1. Verify that the field BBNCID is present in the batch template and that the value for the field is valid.

This error is received when working with BBIS transactions.

This message is typically indicative of an erroneous attempt to download a duplicate transaction that has already been downloaded and processed into an existing batch.  In this scenario, it is appropriate for the transaction to appear in Failed Transactions because it is a duplicate of a transaction that was already successfully processed.

Re-download the transactions receiving this error.  If issue persists, Contact Support and reference this article. 

If the re-download of this transaction fails, reference the XML data of the failed transaction for additional information about the transaction.   For example, if you view the transaction and see that it was for a 40$ gift submitted by Jane Doe on 1-15-15; you can search revenue records for this constituent and confirm the gift already exists on the record.   If so, the duplicate in Failed Transactions can be safely deleted and disregarded.  


 Blackbaud Internet Solutions
 3.0.1546, patch 15

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