Blackbaud has created a utility to help you package customization files to deploy to your hosted database. This utility helps you choose the right paths for your files and ensure that they are packaged correctly for deployment. To access the utility, follow this link:

Once inside the utility, follow these steps.

1.       Click the ellipsis to browse to the location of your files. Navigate to the location on your machine where your application files are located. If you are not sure where your files need to be or you are not seeing all your files, click Where are my files? to see the relative paths that the utility looks for. This is the folder structure we recommend for all customization files.
2.       Once you navigate to the location of your files, the utility selects all that files in that location by default. Uncheck any files that are not necessary for the deployment of your customization.  
3.       Click Create Zip File to package your files. The utility places the packaged zip file in a temporary location, and a message appears with the path to that location. The utility also automatically copies the path to your clipboard.
4.       Navigate to the temporary location of the zip file. For ease of use, you can locate the folder using the Run command on your Windows Start menu. Paste the location of the file in the Run field. The path will include the folder location and the name of the file at the end of the path with a .zip extension. Before you click enter, delete the part of the path that contains the file name and the .zip extension, and then click enter. For example, the path you paste might look similar to this: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\ Delete the “” portion and click enter. This takes you to the folder where the packaged zip file is located.
5.       If you are working with Blackbaud Support to transfer the file, copy the zip file to your FTP folder. Once this is completed, please create a case follow the Customization template.