Creating a User Profile

If you are a System Administrator, you can create a new user profile by cloning an existing one and then edit it to add or remove the appropriate permissions.

Once you have created the new profile, you can migrate any existing users to the new profile.

  • All profiles MUST have at least READ access to Classification Types.

To create a new user profile:

  1. In the Administration Setup in the left sidebar of the Setup page, click Manage Users > Profiles. (If the Setup page is not displayed, from the top of the page, click your name and then click Setup.)
  2. On the User Profiles page, click the New button.
  3. On the Clone Profile page, for Existing Profile, click the profile you want to clone from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Profile Name text box, enter an appropriate name that identifies the profile (like Luminate User Marketing).
  5. Scroll down to the Permissions areas and click the appropriate checkboxes to add and delete permissions as necessary.
  6. Click Save.

To migrate any existing users to your new profile:

  1. From Manage Users (in the left sidebar), click Users.
  2. On the All Users page, click Active Users from the View drop-down list.
  3. Click Profile in the header row of the table to sort the list by profile type to get the profiles grouped alphabetically.
  4. Locate the set of users you want to migrate.
  5. For each user that you want to migrate to the new profile:
    1. Click Edit from their Action column.
    2. For Profile, click the new profile from the drop-down list.
    3. Click Save.