What does the email complaints summary statistic in Luminate Online mean?

When I log into Luminate Online, at the top right hand corner is a "Email Complaints" percentage. How is that number generated?

Email Rating percentage is based on the number of email complaint responses from constituents that received messages from each client's site.  

Many of the major email providers provide email complaint data.  We take the number of complaints that we receive and determine the number of complaints per actual message sent.  We then take that average number and apply it to the remaining domains that do not provide email response data, to determine the most accurate email rating possible.

This is why if one would take the exact number of messages sent and the number of email complaints to produce a percentage, the number in the upper right will be slightly higher.  Email complaints are not when a constituent unsubscribes or when the email goes into a email folder. Email complaints are when the recipient reports the message as spam. This metric is used to get an overall idea of what percentage of your recipients consider your message as spam.

  • Spam Complaints - Total number of complaints received per message
  • Spam Complaint Rate - Calculated rate of complaints per email message sent

Once the message is delivered, our system must wait until the receiver triggers the feedback to us. Because people may take an hour or a week to read email, this would account for the largest amount of time waiting. Once the recipient has indicated the message is spam, the system receives the response and the response is processed depending on the method in which the complaint is received. 

A sudden change in Email Rating is often because of a skewed ratio at the time.

For example, you may have sent out a large batch of emails a month ago, but you didn't receive a lot of email complaints until this week. If you didn't send any emails this week, then timing is skewed because of the email response. This commonly coincides with the email reports not fully matching up at times. This is also how email providers track domain reputations.

The email complaint rating is re-calculated daily.

We do not report on email complaints specific to email providers.

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