User cannot access fundraiser page

A user that is already sign up for a fundraiser cannot access their fundraiser page after logging in. They are asked to register again.

The following events may cause the NetCommunity user to be taken to the fundraiser's New Participant Registration screen:

  1. A BBNC User has joined a fundraiser
  2. The BBNC Site Administrator (eg. Supervisor) goes back into the fundraiser part and edits it to require additional fields (address, gender, etc)
  3. If the Team Captain added the user to the team and the user has yet to login and confirm the registration
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to site with username and password.
2. Click on the link to the fundraiser page.
3. See that you are asked to register.

When we edit the user record in Users & Security we can access their fundraiser page.
The fundraiser also shows up on the NetCommunity tab in Raiser's Edge.


 6.45.2034 Patch 18

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