1. Click Reports in the menu bar
  2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  3. Under Journal Entry Reports,click Cash Projection Report
  4. For the query, select Base as the Category and All Constituents as the Query
  5. To see what is currently due, set the Calculate Payments As Of field to Use Today's Date, otherwise set the Calculate Payments As Of field to Use Date and enter a specific date
  6. Mark the Include Recurring Gifts checkbox to include Recurring Gift Schedules in your totals
  7. Enter the number of years you wish to display and select Calendar Year or Fiscal Year
  8. Under Delivery Options, set the Report format to Display Results on Screen
  9. Click Submit
When the report appears on screen, click the amount directly beneath the year to display the totals for each month that year.  You can then click the amount directly beneath each month, to display everyone who has a Pledge and/or Recurring Gift Schedule due in that month. 

From the main report  page you also have the option to click the total on one of the Fund lines, this will display what is due each month from that specific fund.

Each page of the report will offer the option to export the information on screen by selecting one of the export formats in the bottom left-hand corner and clicking Export.