To list the details of multiple transactions for a constituent in a single receipt or thank you letter, we will need to use the Entry List widget within our template. Adding this widget will insert a table into the template where we can add columns depending on the details we want to see for each transaction, such as Date, Received, Fund, Approach, etc.
  1. Click Communications
  2. Click the category you stored your template in
  3. Click on the template name
  4. Click into the block where you would like to insert the widget
  5. Click the Insert Letter Widget icon in the toolbar (on the second row, far right)
  6. Click the Select button for Entry List
  7. Add or remove fields to the widget
  8. Once you have added all fields, click Insert
  9. Click Update
  10. Click Save And Finish

When generating documents, we will need to ensure that we select the correct Grouping option to generate a single document for each constituent. See How to list multiple transactions in a receipt or thank you letter.