This button is removed when the RE:EFT module is installed. When this module is present, credit cards are charged using the Create EFT Transmission File function under the Tools menu. The charging process is similar except that the EFT? field needs to be added to the Batch. That field must be present and checked for the credit card gift to be included in the EFT Transmission File to be charged.

If the RE:EFT module is not installed, then review the following in your Raiser's Edge:

1) Updating Batch Processing Options at Config > Business Rules > Batch Options. Under 'Process credit cards and ACH gifts through' select IATS/Other

2) Ensure that "Include batch for bank depositing checkbox" is unmarked in your Gift Batch Setup:
  • From the Batch, select Tools > Edit Batch Setup
  • Unmark the Include batch for bank depositing checkbox on the the 1:Batch Header tab
  • Click Save and then Data Entry