How to create a page so that an email can be viewed in a browser

How to use a "view this email in a browser" link. Having a link like this in email allows users to view the email regardless of issues their email client may be having with the email format or content.
Pre Blackbaud NetCommunity Version 6.53.  In version 6.53, we added a new feature for the New Web Version for Email.  For instructions on using the new feature, please refer to How to add a link to view an email in a browser.

Before proceeding with these steps please confirm you have a blank template in your site to use. If one does not exist, refer to How to create a blank template.

These steps should only be completed once you are finished with the email, but before clicking send final.
  1. Select Email, Messages and edit the message.
  2. Click the HTML button and copy all the code.
  3. Select Site Explorer, Parts.
  4. Click New Part.
  5. Select a part type of Unformatted text, and fill in all other required fields.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Paste in the code from step 2.
  8. Save the part.
  9. Select Site Explorer, Pages & templates.
  10. Click New Page.
  11. Fill in the page name and select your blank template for the template.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click in the content place holder and select Insert part.
  14. Insert the unformatted text part we saved in step 8.
    Note: This page is now what we can use to build a link to view the email in a browser. 
    For steps to create a hyperlink to this page from within your Message, please refer to How to create a link to another page by inserting a hyperlink.


 Pre 6.53

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