If you have a participant who registered for the wrong TeamRaiser and already has gifts soft credited to their registration, you can move the registration and gifts to the correct TeamRaiser by:
  1. Registering the participant on the correct TeamRaiser using the Other Registration Fee Payment amount of $0 dollars
  2. Soft crediting any gifts made to this user on the original TeamRaiser to the new TeamRaiser.  
  3. Deactivating the registration in the wrong event
  4. Deleting the registration in the wrong event. This will then give you the option to refund the registration fee, or make it into an event gift.  If you want to apply the fee as registration to the other TeamRaiser, make it an event gift, otherwise refund it.
  5. Soft crediting this event gift (the former registration fee on the wrong event) to the new TeamRaiser registration for the participant in the correct event.  
  6. Contacting Luminate Support with the following information:
    • Constituent ID for the participant
    • Confirmation Code for the donation that is to be converted to a registration
    • TeamRaiser ID number for the correct event
    • Dollar amount of the denotation that is to be applied as a registration fee.