Instructions on how to run a decline report to get the error codes are here. The results will be a mix of error codes from the processor and error codes from Luminate Online. Documentation for response code from processors can be found in the processor's help of which some is linked here: For Luminate Online, non-processor generated declines:
  • CVV declines - CVV refers to the security code on the back of Visas and Master Cards and the front of American Express cards. If the number entered doesn't match the number on the card, the transaction may decline depending on how your site is configured.
  • AVS declines - AVS refers to address verification. Depending on how your site is configured, if the address doesn't match in specific ways, the transaction may decline.
  • Declined that include the words "Convio" and/or "block" - This refers to the functionality built into Luminate to help stop fraud. If you are seeing this error and the transactions are not fraud, contact support.