Emailing constituents who never open your messages and/or who mark them as spam or delete them without opening them will negatively impact your email deliverability for those that do open your email from that same provider.  Ideally, your audience should include new constituents and those that open your messages or that are engaging with your organization regularly.

You can set up Engagement Factors to determine which constituents actually respond to your messages or have completed other actions on your site recently in order to target the audience most likely to interact with your email communication. It may also be a good idea to request your constituents to add your send email address to their contact list.

Hand in hand with constituent engagement is monitoring your organization's spam score. Be sure to regularly check your spam summary statistic and perform audits on your email list to ensure that they are void of spam traps and other invalid email addresses.

Failure to manage your email practices could potentially result in an Email Deliverability Barrier.