Sphere Content editor window slow or unresponsive in large texts

When working with a large amount of text through the WYSIWYG editor in Blackbaud Sphere, the editing window will lock for several seconds or freeze outright, leading to an unresponsive script error.
The unresponsive script error that appears in the content editor window is often encountered in large pieces of content.  It is caused by delays in the scripts run by the editor as it reads over the pieces of your content.

To resolve this you might consider trying to:

A. Break your content into smaller pieces.  Consider using a Content Wrapper for your page.  You will find the content wrapper option in Advanced > Design Options.
B. Check the HTML view of your content.  Often unneeded code can accumulate as edits are made to the content.  <span> and <font> tags are the worst offenders.  Look for many tags defining the same piece of text.

The more content the editor has to handle the more slowly it will respond.

If you have any questions about this or do not see the cause of the slowness, please Chat with Support and reference this article. 


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