The easiest way to speed up the flow of integration information is to increase the frequency that the integration service runs in NetCommunity. You can do this by navigating in NetCommunity to Administration > Sites & Settings. Then click the Settings tab near the middle of the screen. Scroll down to the Raiser's Edge Integration section. You can increase the transfer frequency here.

Note: As with any web server process, for website performance reasons, you should not leave this service set to run more frequently than is necessary to keep your NetCommunity data current in Raiser's Edge. If you increase the frequency due to a temporary need to move an unusually large volume of data, consider reducing the scheduled frequency after the data is current.

Additionally, if your NetCommunity website is version 6.41 or higher, a Blackbaud NetCommunity Support Analyst can help you to temporarily increase the size of the integration batch each time the integration service runs. Click Chat with Support and reference this article