NetCommunity submits additional incorrect address fields to New Zealand stamped Raisers Edge database

"State" and "Suburb" fields are not used in New Zealand. For New Zealand client, the "NZ City" and "NZ Suburb" fields are used.
But when a donation transaction is submitted to a New Zealand stamped Rasier's Edge database and the address of the donor is a New Zealand address, "State" and "Suburb" fields are also submitted to Raiser's Edge, this will cause the following message to appear in the BBNC Rasier's Edge plugin if the Raiser's Edge user doesn't modify the transaction manually:
"Unable to update constituent for the following reason:
Data too long for field
Max length = 3 for State
Would you like to update the constituent manually? Select 'No' will rollback updates and continue."

This issue was resolved in the latest version of Blackbaud NetCommunity
Download and install the latest patch, if applicable


 6.51.736 patch 8
 6.51.736, patch 14

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