How to test Blackbaud Links in sample database (UK)

How to install Blackbaud Link for testing in sample database
Blackbaud Links has been enabled for testing purposes in sample database.
To purchase Blackbaud Links service for your live database, contact .

Firstly, log into sample database and select Help at the top of the screen then About The Raiser's Edge in the drop down menu to check that the serial number is WRE11111.
If the serial number is different then download and install the sample database.
Once the serial number has been confirmed exit and sign out.

Then see how to install and configure Blackbaud Links for the steps to setup in sample database.

When a plug-in is installed, it is listed in the Plug-In section in Raiser's Edge on both your live and sample databases.
The option in live database is only enabled when you have purchased Blackbaud Links service


 Raiser's Edge

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