1. Publish the links to the pages in a part. Then, use scheduled publishing on the part to remove the links to the pages at the desired time.
    • Note: you could still search for the pages using Search, and someone who bookmarked the page could still access the page.
  2. Leave the pages up, but use scheduled publishing on the parts to remove the parts at the desired time. Also, schedule a Formatted Text & Images part to publish after the end date of the other parts, notifying viewers that the content has expired.
  3. Remove any links or menu items that users could click to get to the page. For users who may have the page saved in their browser, you can either
    • Adjust the Targeting and Security on the page, making it available only to internal users by unmarking the checkbox for all listed roles
    • Cut the parts from the page (i.e. donation forms, event registration forms, etc.)  This will not delete the parts, but will store them in the Parts Gallery for future use
  4. Or delete the page