Mobile donation form not submitting successfully for Kintera Thon

When attempting to make a donation on a mobile device for a Thon event, you are unable to complete the donation. The Submit button turns gray and the donation never completes.  The screen does not update.
This can occur if the total maximum transaction limit is set to zero.

To resolve:
  1. Navigate to Communities>Special Events>Friends Asking Friends>Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over your Event Name and select Website Info
  3. Click on Fee Structure
  4. Scroll down to maximum transaction section
  5. If the maximum transaction limit for the Mobile Donation Form is set to zero, click Delete
  6. Go back to the Webinfo Checklist and click the green Publish This Event Now button
If the donations are still not successful, Contact Support and reference this article.  and include the Event Name



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