In the Blackbaud Merchant Services web portal:

  1. Create a role for MobilePay users.
  2. Add user(s) with the MobilePay role. (A single MobilePay user account can be logged into multiple devices / apps. See note below regarding users.) 
  3. Generate the security device code unique to each device.

In the Blackbaud MobilePay app:

  1. Attach reader to phone.
  2. Open app and enter the User name, Password and Security (device) code.

Note: All BBMS users will have access to both the BBMS Web Portal and the MobilePay app. To keep your Blackbaud Merchant Services portal secure, only provide MobilePay users with the rights they will need to perform in the MobilePay app, such as Search Transactions, View Transaction Details and Refund when assigning a Role.  Additionally, do not use the Blackbaud Merchant Services admin account to log into the app, to prevent locking the admin account, which has the ability to unlock and reset the other user accounts.