Recognition program does not assign recognitions correctly when effective date for a level is changed

When configuring a recognition program, each level is defined by a Minimum recognition amount.  The amount may change over time - users have the option to mark the checkbox "Set future minimum amount," and to provide a new minimum and a date when the change will be effective. 

However, when this checkbox is marked and the effective date for the new minimum has passed, the changes do not appear to take effect when the recognition program is processed and new constituents should be included - they are not assigned the appropriate level, based on the change. 

This appears to occur specifically when gifts have a date that is the same as the effective date for the new minimum amount for the level - if the gift date is any date after the effective date, the recognitions process correctly.

Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 


 2.9.1001, patch 144

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