1. In The Education Edge; 
    • If you are processing an Online Re-enrollment form, go to: Registrars Office
    • If you are processing an Online Application form, go to: Admissions Office
  2. Go to Configuration, Tables
  3. Open the Phone Types table
  4. Make a note of all phone types that are currently Active
  5. Go to the NetCommunity Plugin
  6. Click to Process submitted application or reenrollment forms
  7. Expand all fields for the form
  8. Make sure all contact types used on the form are listed as Active in the Phone Types table
  9. If a contact type is not listed in the table it must be added to process the application or reenrollment form
NOTE:  Any changes to tables in The Education Edge affect the forms on the BBNC site.  When a change is made to a table the form on the website must be updated to reflect this change.