The required fields found on the DIY Online Forms under the heading of Contact Information cannot be made unrequired or removed. 

The fields for First Name, Last Name, Address, and Email are in place to assist in eTapestry's duplicate checker to try to match the incoming donations with pre-existing accounts.  Along with Address and Email, the field for Phone Number is in place to provide all possible ways for your organization to get in contact with a donor in the event of any issue or question you may have about the donation itself.

Though the fields marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be removed or have their requirement changed, there are several fields that can have their display  names changed.  These fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Phone Number

To make changes to the display name for these fields:

1.  Click the arrow next to Management in the menu bar
2. Click DIY Forms in the Online Presence section
3.  Select the Form you wish to edit by clicking the Edit button for that form
4.  Select the field you wish to edit by clicking on its name, or the pencil icon on the line the field appears
5.  Rename the field's Label by typing in the title you wish the field to display
6.  Click the Update button
7.  Select Save at the top of the form's Edit Page
8.  Select to Go Live and replace the form that is currently live to display the changes made

There are two other fields that are not listed as required in the Contact Information area.  These fields are as follows:
  • Title
  • Middle Name
These fields' labels can be edited in the same manner as the above required fields.  However, these fields can also be removed, as they are not fields that every database uses, by selecting the red "X" icon on the page. 

To enact any change to these fields you will still need to save the draft and go live with the page as explained in steps 6 and 7 above.  We generally recommend keeping these fields in place.  The reason for this is that the Title will be used in the Salutation Fields that are found in your eTapestry Database.  The Middle Name field (which you may choose to change to Middle Initial) can provide a more accurate match for future online donations to match with the accounts entered in your database.